High Voltage
Working with high voltage electric lines
Our people at construction site
Construction site with an excavator, bulldozers and dump trucks
Photovoltaic (PV) Roof, Carport, and/or Ground-Mount Installation
Solar Panels
Solar panels installation
Fixed Tilt Ground Mounted Solar Arrays
Photovoltaic (PV) Roof, Carport, and/or Ground-Mount Installation
Solar Panels
Paving Concrete/Asphalt
Build for Paving Construction Services in the Southwest Region, Ft. Bliss, Texas

What We Do

Welcome To MILCON

MILCON Construction LLC is a leading Texas based general contracting company. The vision for MILCON is simple: deliver quality results and unmatched expertise with unique capabilities and satisfaction to each and every customer.

Horizontal & Infrastructure Construction

  • Airfield pavements, utilities, roads, parking lots
  • Site Work & Infrastructure construction project
  • High security military and federal work sites
  • Potable Water Distribution Systems

Vertical Design Build Specialty Construction

  • Design-build ground up construction
  • Interior remodeling, additions, renovations
  • Commercial construction projects

Renewable Energy Design-Build

  • Sustainable construction and green building
  • Solar heating, & energy efficiency retrofits
  • Inverters and data monitoring modules
  • Tax credits and other financial incentives

What We Have Done

Historical Preservation Project

This is a Historical Preservation Project at Ft. Sam Houston (Base Chapel) we completed in 2009.

Galveston Boathouse

Galveston Boathouse Construction work

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